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In Abruzzo, in Ateleta, a group of young people has refounded the Pro-Loco and among the many initiatives has also commissioned the creation of a mural to tell the story of the town.

I’ve already talked about the town of Ateleta and his inhabitants, sometimes defining them as wolves. The sensitivity and the spirit of initiative of Abruzzo’s people still amaze me and I want to tell you about the latest initiative.

History must be preserved and told, handed down by every means. In Ateleta the last idea was to paint it on a wall.

What better way if not the use of images? The force of visual representation comes straight to the emotional stages of people. Much more than words.

So the new Pro-Loco of Ateleta has designed and commissioned the creation of a mural near the municipal park, a few meters from the museum of peasant civilization that recently also hosts the middle school’s headquarters on the lower floor.

A modern and ancient choice at the same time, a story through images that starts from the foundation, crosses the dark period of the great wars and arrives to our days with the symbolic image of 9 children carrying the ear received from the first settlers.

Ancestors and new generations, the past that gives deliveries to the future. 

A great sign of trust and hope.

The wall, about 22 meters long, will receive the artist’s attention during the summer.

A good idea that deserves to be supported as fundamental, like any other means, to better understand who we are, where we come from and where we go.

Much like The Wall of Pink Floyd, Ateleta’s mural is also used to preserve memory, fight ignorance and defeat fear. And why not? It’s used also to increase self-esteem, pride and a sense of belonging to the community.

Unlike the Pink Floyd, however, let’s not break this wall down!


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